Completed EU cooperation networks

The Academy of Finland and Finnish researchers have participated in the following networks:

CAAST-Net (2008-2012) (Coordination and Advancement of Sub-Saharan Africa-EU Science & Technology Cooperation)

CAAST-Net has involved participants from UK (coordinator), Germany, France, South-Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ruanda, Norway, Sweden, Madagaskar, Ghana, Kap Verde, Kamerun, Senegal, Portugal and Finland (Finnish Universities' Partnership for International Development).


The Academy of Finland participated in the ERA-NET project CIRCLE (Climate Impact Research Coordination within a Larger Europe) during 2005-2009. The project was coordinated by Umweltbundesamt, the Austrian Federal Environment Agency. CIRCLE included 16 partners from eleven countries and had a budget of 2.8 million euros.


CO-REACH was a network of European S&T policy and funding organisations involved in promoting research cooperation with China in the natural sciences, medical and life sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences and humanities. The network intended to create coherence and synergy in Europe's S&T relations with China. It did so by promoting the coordination of China-related policies and associated research funding programmes of individual European countries, and integrating these efforts with those of other multi-lateral European initiatives, including the programmes and agreements of the European Commission.

EECA (2008-2012)
(Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries)


ERA-PG (ERA-NET in Plant Genomics) coordinates the planning and integration of national research programmes by spreading best practices, developing common programme management procedures, and joint activities such as the pooling of resources and joint call for proposals.


ERA-AGE (European Research Area in Ageing Research) is an ERA-NET project of the EU Sixth Framework Programme with the aim to network funding agencies within ageing research. ERA-AGE was started in 2004. ERA-AGE opened its first joint call for postdoctoral researchers in ageing research in 2007. ERA-AGE 2 was launched in 2009, with funding from the Seventh Framework Programme.


EULARINET (2008-2012) (Latin America Research and Innovation NETworks)

The aim of the network has been to find out new joint research themes for European and South-American researchers within the FP7 Cooperation programme. EULARINET has involved partner organizations from Spain (coordinator), Argentina, Austria, Brasilia, Chile, Columbia and Finland (Academy Finland).


ERA-SAGE (European Research Area on Societal Aspects of Genomics) was coordinated by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative. The project had eleven partner organisations from nine countries. In the process of constructing a unified Europe it is very important to be aware of and take into consideration the differences in national, social and cultural norms and values, and thus the way each country deals with new technologies.



The ERA-NET MarinERA (National and Regional Marine RTD Activities in Europe) was coordinated by IFREMER (Institute  Français de Research pour l'exploitation de la Mer) in France. The Academy of Finland was involved as a partner. In all, the project comprised 15 partners from 13 countries. The objectives of MarinERA were related to the internationalisation and effectiveness of marine research, for instance. The budget was EUR 2.95 million for 2004–2008.

PathoGenoMics (2004-2012)

The ERA-NET PathoGenoMics was a project for cooperation and coordination of genome sequencing and functional genomics of human-pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogenomics started in 2004 and ran until 2012.


The ERA-NET PrioMedChild (Priority Medicines For Children) was a partnership network of research funding organisations from eleven countries (Estonia, Finland, France, the UK, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden). The network was designed to promote research on research themes such as medicines for children, and specifically their composition, dosages, safety and impact.

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