Paasi, Anssi: Centre of Excellence in Research on the Relational and Territorial Politics of Bordering, Identities and Transnationalisation, University of Oulu

Border research has proliferated in recent decades and attracted growing interest especially in connection with world-shaking events. The research interests of the Centre of Excellence are in the areas of state spatial transformation, spatial socialisation and identities, border crossings and the management of global flows. Instead of a traditional focus, the research efforts are designed and geared to open new perspectives on borders and on the identities of nations and individuals. The CoE's work has high current relevance and interest both in research and society generally.

In today's world, borders are no longer attached to a state, but appear as both social and technological landscapes of power and control. Closed states have elevated to a new scale and evolved into networks. One area that holds special interest to the CoE in the research on transnationalisation or cross-border processes is the Finnish regional planning system. The research interests also extend to the construction of socialisation, national identity and citizenship. The core of the research lies in human geography, but much of the work cuts across disciplinary boundaries, both in theoretical and empirical research.

The goal of the CoE is to achieve results that can help change the concepts and key approaches of the research tradition. One of the biggest challenges for the unit is to bring international exposure to Finnish social and cultural research. The anticipation is that the CoE will give added prominence to the role of geography in the field of sciences.

Last modified 19 Feb 2015
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