Kupiainen, Antti: Centre of Excellence in Analysis and Dynamics research, University of Helsinki

The Centre of Excellence in Analysis and Dynamics Research consists of nine multidisciplinary research groups devoted to researching pure mathematics and its applications especially in the fields of physics and biology. The aim is to create a new culture of mathematics in Finland that will encourage mathematicians to work more closely with application developers and to rethink the researcher training system.

Research at the CoE covers a broad spectrum of mathematical analysis and its applications. Specific fields of research include dynamical systems, geometric analysis, fractals, random geometry, partial differential equations and applications in turbulence, statistical mechanisms and mathematical models of biological evolution.

The CoE brings together respected and internationally recognised mathematical analysis research teams whose synergy offers the potential to break open new territory. International cooperation is an integral part of the culture. The CoE's partners include researchers from the best universities in the world, including Fields medallists, the equivalent of Nobel laureates in mathematics.

The CoE aims at new breakthroughs by combining the latest ideas and approaches of analysis, probability theory and mathematical physics.

Last modified 19 Feb 2015
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