Törmä, Päivi: Finnish CoE in Computational Nanoscience

Nature itself has chosen to operate on the nanoscale when creating the functional structures necessary for the maintenance of life. This is why the new materials arising out of nanoscience research will contribute to meeting the biggest challenges faced by humankind.

The CoE is focused on researching and understanding structures and systems at the atom and molecule level from a materials physics point of view. This is a fascinating field of study that comprises a rich variety of phenomena and that constantly brings up surprises in the shape of new discoveries.

Nanoscience has paved the way to a synthesis of several branches of natural sciences, with physicists, chemists, biologists and materials scientists all working on the same research problems. Common areas of interests range from DNA molecules to electronics materials.

The mission is to harness the methods of nanoscale research to find answers to the major issues facing humankind, which include securing the energy supply, water cleanliness, environmental protection, novel information technologies and advanced medical treatments. Catalysis research is one of the areas that bring us close to raw materials and chemical industry. Apart from basic research interests, a major motivation for the CoE’s work comes from the needs of society.

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Professor Päivi Törmä
Aalto University
tel. +358 9 470 28490

Sites of research: Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology

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