Ovaskainen, Otso: Finnish CoE in Metapopulation Research

The CoE in Metapopulation Research at the University of Helsinki is internationally well known for its research into ecological, genetic and evolutionary consequences of habitat fragmentation. This field of research is called metapopulation biology. A habitat involving a great number of different organisms is naturally fragmented but man’s land use has also increased the fragmentation of living environments of many other species. The results generated by metapopulation biology research are therefore significant for the protection of species and habitats, and for land-use planning as well.

The CoE carries out both theoretical and empirical studies, and many individual projects are based on mathematical models that can be tested with material collected from natural populations. Many of the research projects also apply research methods from molecular biology and genetics.

The mission of the CoE is to create new knowledge and understanding of how the spacial structure of the environment affects the dynamics of natural populations. The CoE combines ecological and molecular genetic research and genome-level research. The aim is to understand the biology of natural populations from the molecular level through to the population.

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Professor Otso Ovaskainen
University of Helsinki, tel. + 358 50 309 2795

Site of research: University of Helsinki

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