Mäki, Uskali: Finnish CoE in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

The focus of the CoE’s research is on the changing practices of knowledge production and interdisciplinary dynamics in its contemporary settings. Among the main targets are interdisciplinary relations within the social sciences and between them and other fields, such as cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary biology. Through empirical case studies the CoE examines the conceptual frameworks, methods and models used in these disciplines. Further, it seeks to understand their similarities, differences and interactions by way of an analysis of their intellectual toolboxes.

The aim is to understand and improve the practices of knowledge production by identifying and analysing strategic concepts, arguments and debates. By studying interdisciplinary encounters as well as the lack of interdisciplinary connections, the CoE aspires to contribute to building bridges between different disciplines more generally.

The research team consists of devoted philosophers of science and scholars of the ontology of social reality, all world-class experts in their respective fields.

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Academy Professor Uskali Mäki
University of Helsinki
tel. +358 9 191 29298

Raimo Tuomela, Helsingin yliopisto
Petri Ylikoski, Helsingin yliopisto

Site of research: University of Helsinki

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