Kaski, Samuel: Finnish CoE in Computational Inference Research

The main specialisation of the CoE is in computational inference, a discipline that falls in the middle ground between computer science, data analysis and statistics. More and more often today, research in different fields draws on existing datasets, and it is crucial to know how to identify and extract information that is relevant to end-users. This trend is most clearly evident in biomedicine and molecular biology. The CoE conducts computational methods research, where one of the key resources is adequate computational and data storage capacity.

The aim is to create and introduce methods and tools that help transform large data loads into useful information. The research is based on data-intensive computing modelling and inference on a large scale: how data should be modelled to make it possible to identify the essential in large datasets.

The CoE is a pioneer in the development of increasingly powerful computational inference methods for application in systems biology and medicine. Another important field of application is the development of new types of interfaces that can be used on the move to search for real-time information about items in the environment.

The CoE comprises seven research teams from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The CoE works closely with groups both at home and abroad, and attaches special priority to the training of young researchers.

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Professor Samuel Kaski
Aalto University
tel. +358 50 3058694

Sites of research: Aalto University, University of Helsinki

Last modified 18 Feb 2015
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