Palva, Tapio: CoE in Plant Signal Research

All living organisms need to react to both internal and external cues and to reprogram their gene expression accordingly. Research at the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Plant Signal Research was aimed at understanding how environmental and developmental cues are integrated in plant growth control. The purpose was to gain a deeper understanding of plant signal networks and molecular interactions between signal pathways.

The CoE integrated research in functional genomics, structural biology and bioinformatics with modern plant physiology, genetics and cell biology: the purpose of this multidisciplinary approach was to gain a mechanistic understanding of plant signalling and signal networks. This was the CoE's second successive term as a centre of excellence; it was also an Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Research from 2000 to 2005.

The CoE was headed by Professor Tapio Palva.

Last modified 27 Oct 2015
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