Research on Solar Long-Term Variability and Effects

Research on Solar Long-Term Variability and Effects bannerReSoLVE, the Centre of Excellence in Research on Solar Long-Term Variability and Effects, specialises in research on space climate, that is, the long-term variability in the Sun's magnetic field and magnetic activity and its effects especially in near-Earth space.

The Sun's magnetic activity has varied dramatically in recent decades. Researchers at the CoE are working to find out what has happened in the Sun over the past 100–150 years and how this has impacted the occurrence of magnetic storms in the Earth's magnetosphere. Solar wind disturbances may cause significant disruption to technological systems, such as satellites, data communications and electric power lines. The behaviour of the Sun also impacts the Earth's atmosphere and climate in many ways, but as yet we have only limited knowledge about these effects.

The CoE consists of five research teams that work very closely together, for instance, in numerically modelling solar magnetic fields and the atmospheric effects of particles and in the comparison, analysis and interpretation of long time series of satellite and terrestrial measurements. The CoE is widely regarded as an international pioneer in the field and probably covers the field of space climate research from the Sun to near-Earth space and the Earth's atmosphere more thoroughly than any other research team in the world.

More information

  • Professor Kalevi Mursula, University of Oulu (UO)
  • Timo Asikainen, UO
  • Maarit Mantere, University of Helsinki
  • Ilya Usoskin, UO
  • Eija Tanskanen, The Finnish Meteorological Institute


Last modified 29 May 2018
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