Atmospheric Science – From Molecular and Biological Processes to the Global Climate

Atmospheric Science – From Molecular and Biological Processes to the Global Climate bannerThe main research focus of the Centre of Excellence is on the atmosphere and its interactions with different ecosystems. The work is based on an extensive network of field stations that produce detailed measurement data on energy and mass fluxes between the atmosphere and terrestrial biosphere. At these field stations, measurements of particles formed in forests will be taken, for instance, in order to determine their role in the formation of clouds in the atmosphere and thereby their impact on the climate. The CoE's interests also extend to air quality and the relationships between the changing climate and airborne pollutants.

The CoE conducts a broad spectrum of research that extends from the molecular and cell level to the global climate. The observations of changes happening in the atmosphere and biosphere, not only in Finland but around the world, produce unique time series data. Focused experiments and models are used to try to unravel the processes underlying the phenomena observed.

The research is aimed at reducing the scientific uncertainties related to climate change. This will help deepen the understanding of and produce more applicable results on the feedback mechanisms between atmospheric processes and natural ecosystems. The results will help curb climate change and also facilitate adapting to climate change. The CoE's research team includes scientists working in many fields. Each member of the international and multidisciplinary team brings their own expertise to the table to help resolve the bigger picture.

More information

  • Academy Professor Markku Kulmala, University of Helsinki (UH)
  • Timo Vesala, UH
  • Jaana Bäck, Helsingin UH
  • Annele Virtanen, University of Eastern Finland
  • Yrjö Viisanen, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Marja-Liisa Riekkola, UH


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