Radiation Detectors for Health, Safety and Security (RADDESS) 2018–2021)

Radiation Detectors for Health, Safety and Security (RADDESS) is an Academy Programme that provides funding to projects that study novel device-driven and functional radiation detection systems in areas of both health and safety. The Academy of Finland’s funding budget for the 13 projects selected to the programme is 10 million euros.

The new detector technology developed within the RADDESS projects combines data from multiple sources. In the context of pharmaceutical and industrial process control, for instance, the technology could increase safety and help prevent exposure to dangerous gases. New knowledge will also be generated on, for instance, the development of surveillance cameras and the detection of concealed objects. The projects will also develop more accurate forms of cancer therapy and create light emitters and sensors with a fundamentally different operating principle than those used in present technologies.

RADDESS programme organizes an international call for applications in April 2019. The call opens on 2 April and ends on 24 April at 16.15 (Finnish time). Check the details of the call in call text.

See what Programme Manager Tommi Laitinen told about the international call in the webinar on 21 March 2019.


Saila Seppo
Programme Manager 
tel. +358 295 335 109

Tommi Laitinen
Programme Manager 
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Sanna Hytönen
Project Officer 
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