Good(s) for health: Personalized health services and flexible appropriation of bioinformation (GoHe)


In short, what is your research project about? What are you researching and why?

Our research project focuses on the management of bioinformation in the development and utilisation of personalised health services. Biological data (genomic data and data on vital functions) and health-related data are derived from several different sources. The ways in which such data are put to use are constantly evolving and the utilisation of that data comes under a lot of scientific, societal and commercial expectations. By analysing the complex management of bioinformation, we will study the use of personalised health services in contexts related to research, healthcare, business and administration.

There is much talk about multi-, trans- and interdisciplinarity nowadays. Are these merely trendy buzzwords for scientific collaboration, or do they serve an instrumental purpose in your project?

The research within our consortium is firmly based on close social sciences collaboration between innovation management research, scientific and technological research, and research into the sociology of knowledge. We will arrange regular project workshops and co-writing of articles. The research questions, addressed in collaboration with various actors in the field of personalised medicine – researchers, biobanks, healthcare professionals and business companies – are designed to increase dialogue between social sciences and biomedicine.

Research into personalised health involves an integrative “from-research-to-practice” mindset. Where do you place your own research in this context? Does your project have partners that are not research-related partners?

The project will focus on and discuss with actors that aim at articulating biomedical research and biomedical research data for use in healthcare and clinical work. Such actors include business companies, biobanks, researchers and healthcare professionals as well as patients and the general public. The project will increase knowledge of the development of personalised medicine, the commercialisation of bioinformation and the application of bioinformation in clinical practice. The project is also aimed at increasing our understanding of the views of patients and the public and at producing information for developers in the field.

A big fuss over nothing, or a major change in practices? In your estimation, how and when will the effects of the promotion of personalised health be evident in the healthcare system?

As our research is only in its early stages, we cannot possibly say when personalised healthcare will become common practice in the healthcare system. We are studying the objectives and practices of and future scenarios for personalised health in various contexts and perspectives. Such an analysis will contribute to understanding the innovation cycles of biomedicine and healthcare, and allow us to consider which factors influence the time it takes to move from innovation to practice.

Last modified 2 Dec 2015
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