GEENI Genome Research Programme (1994–2000)



The goal of the research programme was to promote genome research with emphasis on important areas, including gene regulation, interactions between several genes and gene products, gene transfers, deletions and knock-outs as well as gene therapy.

The themes of the programme were: 

  1. Gene mapping in man, experimental and domestic animals, and trees and other plants. Cloning and characterization of the mapped genes
  2. Studies of the function of genes, including the use of transgenic animals and plants and animals, and plants carrying gene knock-out mutations
  3. Research aimed at making gene therapy possible
  4. Population genetics, especially that concerned with the evolution of genes, the adaptation of organisms to extreme conditions, genetic epidemiology and the Finnish genetic heritage
  5. Environmental molecular genetics, including genetic factors predisposing to disease
  6. Genetic engineering in the control of environmental damage
  7. Ethical questions in genetic engineering


The Academy of Finland funded 15 projects with a total of FIM 23 million (EUR 3,9 million) and Tekes five projects with FIM 16 million (EUR 2,7 million)

Duration 1994–2000

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