Research & science policy

Research and science policy

Research councils

There are four research councils at the Academy of Finland. They each carry out the Academy's tasks within their respective field.

The Finnish Government appoints a chair and a maximum of ten members for each research council for a three-year term. Care is taken to ensure that the research councils represent versatile scientific expertise of a high standard.

Before appointing the members, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture hears universities, government research institutes, public authorities and corporate bodies representing research and development, as well as major scientific societies and science academies.

Strategic Research Council

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland provides funding to problem-based, long-term and programme-based research aimed at finding solutions to the major challenges facing Finnish society.

The projects to be funded are selected by the SRC. The SRC is also responsible for project follow-up and impact assessment. The projects are selected based on a review of their scientific quality, societal relevance and impact. The main themes of the SRC’s research programmes are decided by the Finnish Government.

Research infrastructures

Finland’s research infrastructure ecosystem includes major national research infrastructures, partnerships of Finnish actors in European infrastructure projects (ESFRI), international research infrastructures that Finland has joined through state or other agreements, and local infrastructures denoted as significant by their host research organisations.

A state-of-the-art research infrastructure ecosystem is a prerequisite for achieving world-class research and high-quality research training, engaging in international cooperation and internationalising Finland’s research community. Finland will also need leading-edge infrastructures, as well as research collaboration between research institutes and universities, in order to renew the country’s industrial base and innovation activities and enable the provision of services by state research institutes.

The Academy of Finland provides funding for the acquisition, establishment or upgrading of nationally important research infrastructures that promote scientific research.

Academy Programmes

Academy Programmes are research programmes funded by the Academy of Finland with a view to directing research and allocating research funding to fields that are considered of key importance in terms of the regeneration of science and the foresighting of future research needs. A major emphasis in Academy Programmes is on multi- and transdisciplinarity approaches as well as international cooperation.

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