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One of the Academy of Finland’s science policy objectives is to promote open science. Openness is a key principle in all science and research. The Academy is keen to stress that openness, in practice, improves the overall quality and impact of research. Open science forms part of the principles of good scientific practice. The Academy is committed to promoting the practices outlined in Finland’s national Open Science and Research Roadmap 2014–2017 and to considering open science promotion in providing funding for research projects.

We require that Academy-funded projects commit to open access publishing. We also work to promote open access to research data and methods. The goal is to make research publications, data and material, metadata and methods widely available for reuse. The principles of open science must be pursued with due attention to research ethics and law.

Open access publishing

The Academy of Finland is keen to highlight the importance of quality in scientific publishing. We require that all Academy-funded researchers see to that all publications produced with funding from the Academy of Finland are made freely available, where possible. This requirement particularly concerns peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Researchers can publish their articles following either green or gold open access.

Green open access means that researchers publish their articles in traditional subscription-based scientific journals and store parallel copies of the articles in machine-readable format in online open access repositories or databases. The Academy allows for an embargo period following the practices of international funders. The embargo is no more than six months, except in the humanities and social sciences where it is no more than twelve months.

Gold open access means that a publication is immediately provided in open access mode through a high-quality open access publication channel, that is, an open access journal. In this case, the publisher is responsible for providing the article in open access mode immediately. The publisher may charge an open access fee (article processing charge). This fee may be included in the research costs of the project.

The Academy does not recommend that researchers publish their work in hybrid open access journals. Hybrid journals may charge both an open access fee and a subscription fee.

Academy funding is also available for research costs arising from publishing of research results. This funding is applied for on the online form under Funding for the project, Services and justified in the research plan under Publication plan.

Open data

We require that principal investigators of Academy-funded research projects see to that the projects’ data are stored and made available through major national or international archives or storage services that are important in the fields concerned.

The degrees of data openness may justifiably vary, ranging from fully open to strictly confidential.

The research project concerned and the publisher of the data must ensure that publishing the data will not be in breach of the Finnish Act on the Openness of Government Activities, the Finnish Personal Data Act or the Finnish Copyright Act. When making data openly available, the parties involves must also consider licensing issues.

Archives and storage services are provided by, for instance:

The Academy of Finland requires that applications to be submitted to the Academy include a data management plan for the research project or research infrastructure concerned. Append the data management plan to the application as a separate appendix (read more in Appendix 4 of the April 2017 call text).

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