The Academy of Finland monitors the impact of the research it funds. In terms of follow-up, reports are those providing key information. The principal investigators of projects or the grant recipients are in charge of the reporting.

Funding granted by the Academy of Finland is regarded as a discretionary government transfer. The Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfers obliges the Academy to monitor that the funding is used for the granted purpose.

The official report on the use of funding is made up of payment requests submitted to the Academy. Sites of research submit to the Academy an account of the use of the funding and data on staff, according to the guidelines for payment of funding.

Researchers who have received Academy funding must submit a research report after their funding period has ended. In some cases, the Academy also requires a progress report.

Guidelines for reporting:

In addition to the general guidelines, some funding instruments have specific instructions for reporting:

  • Academy Programmes, follow-up is the responsibility of the appointed steering group and the programme coordinator, who together draft a programme-specific plan for monitoring and evaluation. In addition to research reports, research programmes may also be requested to submit other reports, e.g. annual reports.
  • The activities of the Centres of Excellence are monitored by scientific advisory boards to which the Centres report on their activities.
Last modified 26 Apr 2017
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