Payment of funding

Advances to universities and polytechnics

In accordance with section 12 of the Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfers, an advance may be paid if this is justified by the use of the transfer and expedient with regard to the supervision of its use. Advance payments are justified in cases where the start-up or implementation of the project or activity in question, according to the schedule and scope referred to in the decision, requires that the recipient receives funding from a state aid authority.

Finnish universities and polytechnics can request advances from the Academy. The one-off advance accounts for 10 per cent of the Academy's funding contribution. Advances are always applied for and paid in the year when the project starts. Projects starting at the beginning of the year can apply for advances during the first quarter and no later than 20 February. Projects starting in the middle of the year can apply for advances during the last quarter and no later than 20 November. Advances can be paid when the site of research in the funding decision is a Finnish university or polytechnic. The minimum amount for advances paid by the Academy is 10,000 euros.

Advances are not paid on grants or infrastructure funding.

The Academy will pay the funds as one or more instalments based on the time when the actual costs have incurred. The site of research is responsible for submitting payment requests, not individual researchers or research teams. An exception to this rule may include personal grants to individual researchers.

The Academy accepts requests for payment as e-invoices. Such requests can also be submitted via the online services.

Payment requests shall be submitted to the Academy in four-month periods: January-April, May-August and September-December. E-invoices addressed to the Academy concerning payment requests by research projects shall be submitted by 20 May, 20 September and 20 January, respectively (or immediately the following weekday).

The Academy will only accept e-invoices by project (that is, by decision number). For this purpose, the Academy has drafted an invoice model in cooperation with universities, the supplier of e-invoicing applications and the invoice handling system Rondo, and the e-invoice operator Itella.

To be able to accept a payment request, the Academy requires that the invoicing organisation submits an accounting report and grounds for invoicing (specification for hours worked) for the invoicing period with each invoice. The accounting report can be submitted either as part of the invoice, or as a separate appendix, and it shall cover both the invoicing period and the project as a whole.

The primary solution is to submit a complete e-invoice including an accounting report and grounds for invoicing (specification for hours worked) for each project.

However, if this is not possible, the following alternatives are available:

  1. E-invoices with accounting reports and specifications for hours worked for each invoice are submitted as files in the Academy’s online services; this procedure is most likely applicable to universities.
  2. You can also log in to the Academy’s online services and draft an individual, complete e-invoice; this procedure is applicable to organisations that have 1–5 Academy-funded projects.

Grants to individual researchers

In the case of grants to individual researchers, the payment request shall be made separately with an invoice to the Academy or with the Academy’s payment request form.

Last modified 12 Feb 2018
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