September 2015 call: what’s new?

This is a summary of what’s new in the Academy of Finland’s September 2015 funding call.

Call closes last week in September

The deadline for the Academy’s own calls is Wednesday 30 September 2015 at 16.15. The call for applications also includes the ICT 2023 funding call, which closes on 29 October 2015. The matching funds call by the Strategic Research Council, in turn, is an ongoing call, which means that applications can be submitted as soon as the application criteria are met. The call for development research depends on the funding available from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Please check each deadline in the call text.

Step-by-step guide to applying

On our website under Step-by-step guide to applying, we have compiled a list of the most important steps applicants will need to follow to submit their applications. We recommend that you take time to read the list. Please note, however, that you must also read the general guidelines, the call-specific guidelines and the guidelines concerning appendices.

We require open access publishing and openly available research data

As of the September 2015 call, we require that Academy-funded projects are committed to open access publishing. We urge projects to make their research data and methods freely available. The goal is to make research publications, data and material, metadata and methods available for further use. When researchers follow the principles of open science, they must do so with due consideration of research ethics and the judicial environment.

Funding can be applied for to cover research costs arising from open access publishing of research results. This funding is applied for in the online services under Funding for the project/Services. The publications are justified in the research plan under item 3, Implementation/Publication plan, and the costs are justified under item 6, Implementation/Budget.

We also recommend that Academy-funded research projects make their research data freely available As part of the data management plan, under item 4 of the research plan, applicants should therefore describe how the data will be made available to others.

For more information on open science, open access publishing and definitions, open data and recommended archives, please see appendix 6 of the September 2015 call for applications. The open science guidelines are also available on our website under Open science.

CV no more than four pages

The Academy asks that applicants draft their CV in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity and the guidelines of the Academy. Feedback received from international reviewers has suggested that applicants’ CVs are currently too long. The Academy has therefore decided to recommend that CVs be no more than four pages long, which is the international norm.

Fill in the CV taking into account the nature of the call, your research career stage and the practices of your own scientific discipline. Your CV should be a concise presentation of your scientific merits and other achievements relevant to the call concerned. Fill in your CV where applicable and appropriate, following the structure recommended by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity.

In the Academy’s calls, submit the CV and the list of publications as separate appendices. When submitting an application to the Academy, your CV should therefore not include your publications. For more guidelines on the CV, please see our website under Curriculum vitae guidelines.

Spend time on writing a good project description

In the online services, applicants must fill in a short, popular description of the project. The description is very important: it should briefly describe to a general audience the topic, methods and rationale of the research. Think carefully about what you write in the description. It will be used both for communications purposes and in the review.

We cannot edit project descriptions – neither technically nor content-wise – it is the applicants themselves who are responsible for the content, clarity and style of the descriptions. If the project is granted funding, we will publish the description on our website as is.

Please do not use any special symbols in the descriptions, as they might not print out correctly (e.g. quotation marks print out as question marks).

Consortium application submitted by consortium PI on behalf of subprojects

We have simplified the process of submitting a consortium application. When there is justified reason to submit a consortium application, the consortium PI submits the application on behalf of the whole consortium. The PI can submit the application only after all subprojects have completed their applications. Consortium PIs should therefore check the status of the consortium application in the Academy’s online services to make sure that the subprojects complete their applications in good time. The consortium parties can follow the progress of the application in the online services.

The consortium PI shall append to the application his or her own appendices as well as the joint research plan for the consortium. In contrast to earlier practice, all consortium parties must now also submit their own appendices. The same process applies also to calls for letters of intent.

The new consortium application process is outlined on our website under Guidelines for consortium application.

Principal investigator’s salary

The Academy can grant funding towards the salary of a principal investigator (PI) of a research project. The funding is granted only for well-substantiated research-related reasons that have been clearly presented in the application. Read more in the September 2015 call for applications under Salary costs of principal investigator.

Call text and website update

The Academy’s webpages concerning the call will be updated over the summer. In case of a conflict between the texts in the call for applications and the website, please follow the text in the call for applications. The English-language call texts will be published by early August at the latest.

Last modified 20 Jul 2015
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