Guidelines for consortium application

These guidelines describe what consortium applications are, how they are submitted, which appendices are needed and how to draft them, and how the applications are filled in.

For consortium guidelines specific to calls by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland, please see the SRC’s call texts. The SRC’s consortium guidelines differ from the consortium guidelines listed on this page.

Project collaboration or consortium?

In calls for joint projects (i.e. joint calls between the Academy of Finland and other funding agencies), researchers and research teams collaborate by means of project collaboration. In this case, the parties of the collaboration (i.e. the project PIs) apply for funding for their own projects independently from the Finnish or foreign funders participating in the call. The cooperation between the research projects involved is described in each research plan of the applications submitted.

A consortium is a fixed-term body of independent subprojects that work at different sites or departments under a joint research plan that is implemented in systematic collaboration. The aim is to generate greater added value than through normal project collaboration. This added value must be justified in the application. Each consortium subproject applies for funding to implement the research plan as part of the joint consortium application.

Consortium applications may be considered, for example, when applying for Academy Project funding or funding within Academy Programmes. Some calls (e.g. within Academy Programmes) are only for consortium applications. The call texts will clearly indicate which type of application is invited. A consortium application is not possible when applying for personal funding for research posts.

Consortium subproject PIs are subject to the same application terms as other applicants. A consortium application is reviewed as a single application.

Last modified 3 Sep 2018
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