Germany: mobility funding

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)

The funding is intended for travel and living costs incurred from project cooperation between Finnish and German research teams. The funding cannot be used for research costs or seminars.

The funding can be applied for a two-year period, 2019–2020:

  • In the case of DAAD funding that is about to end, it is possible to apply for an extension for a third year (e.g. to finish up publications).
  • A second two-year funding period will not be granted immediately after the first one if the research design stays the same. If the research project and design do change, however, the same partners may in open competition receive funding for a second two-year term. The Finnish and German research teams will draft a joint research plan. It is recommended that the same number of researchers from institutions of both countries participate in the project. The duration of visits may be one week or a few months at a time.
  • The Academy of Finland and DAAD cover the travel and living costs of the participating researchers of their own country in accordance with their own funding conditions. The Academy will cover the living costs as grants according to its own calculation model. Travel costs can also be funded. DAAD's deadline for German parties is 12 September 2018.

When drafting the online application please note the following:

  • The PI is the applicant.
  • The applicant must append the CVs and lists of publications of the German PI and the Finnish project participants. They can be combined into one joint file to be appended to the application. In the case of applications to be submitted to the Academy, the CVs and lists can be drafted following either Academy or DAAD guidelines.
  • Applicants must append a joint Finnish-German research plan that indicates the schedules of the visits as well as the name, institution and contact details of the German applicant.
  • The application must include a commitment by the site of research

In the review of the application, focus is placed on:

  • the scientific quality of the project
  • the scientific merits of the research teams
  • the way in which the teams complement each other
  • the added value of the cooperation
  • participation of early-career researchers.

Applicants must take out appropriate health insurance.

The funding decisions will be made in January–February 2019. The funding period is two years from the decision date, unless the decision states otherwise.


  • Ulla Ellmén
    Science Adviser
    tel. +358 295 335 011
  • Kristiina Helansuo
    tel. +358 295 335 022 


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