Full cost model

As of 2009, full costing has been applied by the Academy of Finland and the Finnish universities and government research institutes to most of the funding granted by the Academy. It affects the way in which funding applications and funding decisions are made, how funding is used, and how the use of funds is reported.

How the full cost model is applied at the application stage:

  1. Before submitting your application, you shall agree with the site of research on the tangible support that the site of research is to provide for the project. You shall give an overall cost estimate and a funding plan for your project in the application. Draft the application so as to ensure that the Academy’s contribution to funding comes to no more than 70% of the total costs of a project (as of the September 2012 call).
  2. In your application, give the percentage for indirect employee costs, the overheads percentage, and the coefficient for effective working hours applied by your organisation at the time of application submission. Calculations in accordance with the full cost model rely on these coefficients. You shall check these coefficients from the administration department at your organisation. The organisation will supply the coefficient for effective working hours to be used in applications to the Academy, calculated on the basis of the average effective working hours.
  3. The representative of the site of research who gives a commitment on behalf of the site of research is required to ensure that the percentages for indirect employee costs and overheads, and the coefficient for effective working hours given in the application are approved by the site of research and makes a commitment to them in giving the commitment by the site of research online.
Last modified 23 Jun 2015
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