Research plan in mobility grant applications

The research plan to be submitted in connection with applications for researcher mobility funding or other contractual bilateral funding must not exceed five pages. The research plan shall include the following information:

  • name of applicant, title of research project, site of research
  • general description of the research (background, objectives, resources, expected outcomes, ethical issues, research permits)
  • cooperation and links to other research (e.g. Academy- or EU-funded projects)
  • timetable for the research
  • aim of visit, its links to the applicant’s research more widely, research to be done during the visit and timetable for the research
  • previous project-related visits by the applicant and their significance
  • previous project-related visits to Finland by the researcher to be invited, grants received and significance of visits

The research plan is appended to the application in the online services. Name the attachment file as follows: yoursurname_research plan.

Last modified 24 Jun 2015
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