Curriculum vitae guidelines

We ask that applicants draft their CV in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity. Your CV should be a concise, English-language presentation of your scientific merits and other achievements relevant to the implementation of your research plan.

In Academy calls, the recommended length of the CV is no more than four pages. Please draft your CV taking into account the nature of the call, the research career stage and the practices of the scientific discipline.

The CV is a public document and as such must include no confidential information. If such information may affect your eligibility as an applicant, please contact the person responsible for the call (see the call text).

In Academy calls, submit the CV and the list of publications as separate appendices. Report the publication details only in the list of publications. Please remember to date both documents.

Append your CV to the application in the online services under Personal data/CV.

Name the attachment file as follows: yoursurname_cv.

Approved 1 July 2015

Last modified 11 Apr 2018
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