Curricula vitae in CoE applications

The curriculum vitae for the director, vice director and team leaders of applicant Centres of Excellencemust be no more than four pages. The curriculum vitae is written in English and it must include the following information:

  1. name and year of birth
  2. degrees, dates and places, major subject, topic of doctoral dissertation
  3. adjunct professorships, universities, years of appointments
  4. present employment relationship (incl. start and end dates)
  5. most important previous employment relationships (incl. start and end dates)
  6. most important visits abroad
  7. most important scientific and academic administrative positions (incl. start and end dates)
  8. most important scientific acknowledgements and awards, memberships in science academies
  9. most important research funding
  10. research leaderships and supervised doctoral dissertations (as supervisor appointed by a university)
  11. other scientific expert positions and scientific achievements: memberships and positions of trust in scientific communities; memberships in editorial boards of scientific journals or positions as editor-in-chief or editor; referees of scientific journals; preliminary examiner or opponent of doctoral dissertations; assessment of scientific qualifications (e.g. adjunct professorships); faculty or board memberships; memberships in national or international experts, review or steering groups; international peer review of funding applications (e.g. ERC); important international invitation lectures; patents
  12. scientific and societal impact of the applicant’s own research (if relevant): e.g. volume of publications; h-index; most important and/or most cited articles/number of citations; merits in producing and publishing research and data materials

The curriculum vitae is a public document. It must not include any confidential information.

Last modified 24 Jun 2015
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