September 2017 call: what’s new?

This is a summary of the main new points in the Academy of Finland’s September 2017 call.

We require open access publishing in high-quality journals as well as open data

The Academy of Finland requires that all Academy-funded researchers make their scientific articles freely available via high-quality open access journals. Researchers can publish their articles following either green or gold open access. Funding is also available for so-called hybrid open access publishing. However, we want to emphasise the temporary nature of the hybrid open access solution – it is only part of the transition towards full open access publishing. Funding for publishing costs is applied for under Funding for the project > Services on the online form. Specify the relevant publications in the research plan under Implementation > Publication plan and the relevant costs under Implementation > Budget.

Data produced with Academy funding must be made freely available as soon as possible after the research results have been published, via key national or international repositories in the researcher’s own field. Sites of research must therefore provide researchers with the necessary guidance and ensure that they have access to suitable storage infrastructure.

Read more: Appendix 4 of the September 2017 call text

Mobility required from Postdoctoral Researcher and Academy Research Fellow applicants

Those applying for funding for a research post as Postdoctoral Researcher or Academy Research Fellow are required to change research environments at the application stage or to have previous experience of working in other research environments. Applicants must justify in their applications how their previous or forthcoming (to be completed by end of Sep 2017) mobility has promoted or will promote their research career and their qualifications as researchers. The mobility requirement is aimed at further strengthening researchers’ personal networks and their ability to acquire new methodological skills and adopt new means of communicating with people with different backgrounds.

Read more: Appendix 7, section 1 of the September 2017 call text

Duration of previous and planned mobility at least 5 working days

Those applying for funding for a research post as Postdoctoral Researcher or Academy Research Fellow must also report other completed mobility spells in the application.

They must also provide information on mobility planned for the funding period.

Applicants enter only their most important mobility periods in accordance with the limit set in the data collection applied by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (that is, periods of at least 5 working days, or 0.25 months).

Read more: Appendix 7, sections 2 and 3 of the September 2017 call text

Site of research must be in Finland, applicant must have close connection with Finland

In principle, the projects we fund must benefit Finnish research and society and international collaboration. Our funding is paid to and via a site of research (usually a university or research institute) based in Finland. During their funding period, researchers may however work abroad for periods of varying durations.

As an applicant, you must have a close connection with Finland to support the implementation of a multi-year project. You must describe this connection in the application. Academy funding can be granted to foreign sites only in exceptional cases, such as in the case of international research infrastructure projects.

Identify the various forms of impact beyond academia

The research plan should include descriptions of both the research project’s scientific impact and its expected impact beyond academia. Impact beyond academia may come in many different forms depending on the research field and the project. Science is a source of wealth and prosperity, but it also improves our understanding of the world and enhances the level of civilisation, supports the development of good practices and informs decision-making. The impact should be described in the research plan.

European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity has been revised

The Academy is committed to following the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity and requires that Academy-funded researchers and sites of research respect the same guidelines. We also recommend that you follow the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. ALLEA (All European Academies) published the revised edition of the Code of Conduct on its website in spring 2017.

Read more: September 2017 call text

Updated guidelines on application appendices

We have specified our guidelines concerning the length of the research plan.

The text part of the research plan (items 1–9) can be no more than twelve pages (Times New Roman 12 pt or equivalent), and no more than 15 pages in the case of consortium applications. In addition, the bibliography (item 10 of the research plan) must not exceed two pages.

We have also updated our guidelines concerning consortium applications to better match the technical process of submitting the application. Only the consortium PI submits the consortium’s data management plan. If the project involves many different types of data, the consortium PI should combine the different data management plan into a single appendix.

The list of publications must not include manuscripts that have yet to be accepted for publication.

Do not attach any appendices to the application other than those specifically requested. This applies to letters of recommendation and transcripts of study records, for instance. Appendices must not be longer than specified in the guidelines. The appendices will be forwarded to the reviewer as is, so give special attention to appearance and readability (font size, margins). Please check the instructions for appendices on our website.

Read more: How to draft appendices to the application

Research council policies available on our website

The Academy’s four research councils have their own web pages, which include information on previous funding decisions, the review of applications and the research councils’ own guidelines and policies. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the information provided on these pages.

Read more: Research councils

Funding for clinical researchers not limited to medical doctors

Funding for a research post as clinical researcher is not limited to medical doctors; it can also be applied for by other healthcare professionals with a doctoral degree and engaged in clinical practice. Previously, the funding was granted by the Research Council for Health, but as of the September 2017 call the funding may be granted by each of the four Academy research councils.

Read more: September 2017 call text

Professors not eligible to receive Academy Research Fellow funding

Academy Research Fellow funding is not granted to persons who hold tenured professorships or other senior-level research posts at research organisations. If you are appointed to a professorship for an indefinite term while your application is being processed, please notify us without delay.

Step-by-step guide to applying

A summary of the key steps in preparing a funding application is available on our website at Step-by-step guide to applying. Please read these instructions carefully.

Web pages related to the call to be updated

All web pages related to the September 2017 call will be checked and updated before the call opens. If any questions arise concerning the accuracy of information presented on the website, please refer to the PDF version of the call text.

The deadline for the Academy’s own calls is Wednesday 27 September 2017 at 16.15 local Finnish time. Other calls may follow other deadlines. Please always check the deadline for your application in the relevant call text.

Last modified 17 Aug 2017
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