Simo Knuuttila

The Academy of Finland Board reappointed Simo Knuuttila, Academy Professor based in the University of Helsinki, as Academy Professor on 11 November 2003. His primary areas of research in the past five years have been ethics, the philosophy of religion, the history of philosophy, medieval theology and philosophy. Knuuttila is considered worldwide one of the leading researchers of medieval philosophy, whose work has been ground-breaking. He has published over 200 works, more than 70 of which are in English, German or French. His publications include several works on the history of logic, semantics and the history of the mind. With the monograph 'Emotions in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy', published by Oxford University Press in September 2004, Knuuttila has conquered a new territory, discussing medieval theories of modality in a larger context.

Last modified 20 Mar 2015
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