Pekola, Jukka

Aalto University

Jukka Pekola is a professor at Aalto University, where he is Director of the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Low Temperature Quantum Phenomena and Devices. Professor Pekola is a physics researcher whose work on the thermal conductivity of nanostructures has set new standards in this field. His experimental studies in the middle ground between classical and quantum physics are unique on a world scale. The micro and nano-scale thermometers and refrigerators he has developed are cutting-edge achievements in nanophysics.

Professor Pekola’s research project is concerned with nanostructure thermodynamics. This is a very topical subject that attracts considerable international interest because understanding the thermodynamic behaviour of nanostructures is paramount to the development of quantum computers. His second aim is to experimentally determine the basic unit of electrical current, i.e. the ampere, by calculating individual electrons. If successful, this would be a major breakthrough, meaning that the current SI definition of ampere could be replaced by a quantum mechanics definition.

Professor Pekola has previously served as Academy Professor in 2000–2005.

Last modified 25 Feb 2015
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