Lassas, Matti

Applied mathematics
University of Helsinki

Matti Lassas is a professor at the University of Helsinki. His research is in the field of applied mathematics. Professor Lassas holds a senior leadership role at the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research and is Director of the Doctoral Programme in Inverse Problems. The CoE has been instrumental in the growth of a major research cluster focusing on inverse problems at the University of Helsinki. Professor Lassas himself has made important, breakthrough contributions in the areas of invisibility cloaking and electromagnetic wormholes. This phenomenon allows scientists to construct invisibility cloaks that hide electromagnetic or acoustic waves.

Professor Lassas’s research plan for his term as Academy Professor is divided between the mathematical theory of inverse problems and the development of natural sciences and engineering applications. This implies a research focus on imaging, stochastics and mathematical analysis, but the applications side will also require excursions into geosciences and other areas. Professor Lassas will be continuing his work to research invisibility cloaking and related optical tools, imaging of the Earth’s crust, general gravitation theory, the accuracy of inverse problem solutions to heat conduction and wave equations and inverse problems in atmospheric physics. The anticipated results may lead to invisibility cloaking solutions particularly in the fields of optics and acoustics, more reliable solutions to inverse problems in technology and physics, and to a more accurate description of the structure of the globe and atmospheric phenomena. One of the most revolutionary new technological applications is 3D imaging of paper.

Last modified 25 Feb 2015
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