Keloharju, Matti

1 Jan 2016–31 Dec 2020
Business economics and economics
Aalto University

Matti Keloharju’s term as Academy Professor involves three distinct yet related research projects exploring talent and success in business careers. Keloharju will investigate what the traits of a million Swedes tell about CEOs, how gender differences influence the effect of talent on career outcomes, and how business mergers and acquisitions affect the exodus of talent. Keloharju’s research is an international collaboration.

Keloharju is professor of finance at Aalto University. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of finance and he has received a number of scientific awards. His research is unique in that it combines data from the Finnish register of shareholders with statistical data from Statistics Finland. This has opened up an opportunity to discover traits of investor behaviour that have not as yet been studied from this perspective.

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