Jalkanen, Sirpa

Biomedical and clinical medicine
University of Turku

Sirpa Jalkanen is a University of Turku professor whose research specialisation is in the fields of biomedical and clinical medicine. Professor Jalkanen is one of the world’s leading researchers in the area of lymphocyte migration in the human immune defence system. It is expected that her team will achieve pioneering results in this critical area of biomedicine, particularly in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and in preventing the spread of cancer.

Professor Jalkanen is Director of the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Host Defence Research. The CoE’s main research interests lie in the mechanisms controlling the movement of viruses, bacteria and cancer cells and in how they can be rendered harmless by a functional defence mechanism. During her term as Academy Professor, the focus of Professor Jalkanen’s research will be on the mechanisms controlling the movement of cells in and out of lymph nodes. Her research is conducted as part of the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation SalWe.

Professor Jalkanen has served as Academy Professor on two previous occasions, in 1996–2001 and 2002–2006.

Last modified 25 Feb 2015
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