Gabbouj, Moncef

Signal Processing
Tampere University of Technology

Moncef Gabbouj is known internationally for his work in the field of nonlinear digital filters. These are computational signal processing methods that can be used for the removal of noise from digitised speech or for the enhancement of digital images. Gabbouj and his colleagues published their first revolutionary innovations in the 1990s, and their publications have been extensively cited. Another area where Gabbouj enjoys considerable international visibility is content-based information retrieval from audio and video databases, where conventional search methods cannot be used.

During his term as Academy Professor, Gabbouj will focus on the processing and transfer of video images and on search services in mobile environments. Two major research problems for Professor Gabbouj are optimised searches and the processing of discrete value signals and images. He is currently working to develop a highly efficient new method that is based on particle swarm optimization.

Last modified 24 Feb 2015
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