Propose new strategic research themes and Academy Programmes

Propose new strategic research themes and Academy Programmes

The Academy of Finland and the Strategic Research Council (SRC) invite proposals for new strategic research themes and Academy Programmes for the year 2020. The themes and topics should be of a greater scope than those addressed in individual research projects and designed to respond to needs of scientific and societal renewal.

Academy Programmes are research programmes funded by the Academy of Finland. They are science-driven, thematic and target-oriented bodies of research projects that are aimed at supporting scientific regeneration in a specific field, for example through new research topics, new methods and new approaches, and at increasing scientific and societal impact. Read more about ongoing or planned Academy Programmes.

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) proposes strategic research themes to the Finnish Government based on a theme preparation process. The Government selects the themes and priorities for strategic research based on the SRC’s proposal. After the Government’s decision, the SRC can launch calls under its funding programmes. The SRC runs funding programmes to support high-quality scientific research that has great societal relevance and impact and seeks solutions to grand societal challenges. An important element of such research is active and ongoing collaboration between those who produce new knowledge and those who use it. The SRC’s programmes consist of extensive and multidisciplinary research consortia built around specific themes. Read more about ongoing or planned strategic research themes.

After login, you may submit one or several proposals and comment on proposals submitted by others. Use the appendix feature to add a more extensive description of the topic you are proposing. The survey is open until the end of November.

Submit your proposal

How the proposals are processed and used

The Academy and the SRC will use the proposals submitted – both now and previously – in preparing new Academy Programmes and strategic research themes. The proposals will also support future work to plan themes and programmes. The submitted proposals will be posted on the Academy’s website without personal or organisational identifiers.

The survey data will be kept at the Academy for possible reuse. If possible, the data will also be stored at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) for research and teaching purposes. All data archived at the FSD will be anonymised.

The Academy of Finland reserves the right to edit and/or discard proposals.


  • Academy Programmes: Jaana Roos, Senior Science Adviser
  • Strategic research: Jyrki Hakapää, Science Adviser
  • Technical support: Tiina Salo, Communications Assistant

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