New research programme to promote the health and welfare of children and young people


The Academy of Finland has launched a new research programme focusing on the health and welfare of children and young people. Known by its epigrammatic name SKIDI-KIDS, the research programme will study factors and operational models promoting the welfare and health of children and young people. Also under study in this context will be problems and risk factors, risk management and growth environments. The research programme further aims to create a knowledge base for informed social discussion, to support policy-making and promote the application of research knowledge.

The SKIDI-KIDS programme is built around three research themes: environments of childhood growth, service systems, and challenges for children’s health and health promotion. Another underlying, cross-cutting theme is to study the causes of inequality and social exclusion.

In the programme, childhood is defined as encompassing the start of the life cycle from birth to the end of adolescence. Although the exact timing of adolescence varies from child to child, it is generally considered to end at the age of about 18.

The research data produced in the programme should help in the overall understanding and development of the welfare of children and their families on many levels (everyday family life, decision-makers, service systems) and in the creation of simple and effective indicators to measure wellbeing. The programme will also help develop new, diversified research methods, by which the individual voices and views of children can be highlighted in research on health and welfare. The programme therefore also includes projects in which children can actively participate.

The SKIDI-KIDS research programme is coordinated by the Academy of Finland and implemented together with the Finnish Ministry of Education and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Between 2010 and 2013, the programme will provide funding to nine consortia (joint research projects) and eight individual projects. Academy funding for the programme amounts to 8.5 million euros, and funding by the Ministry of Education to 575,000 euros.


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