Children influence by telling of their wellbein


A new research project has been launched to study how children experience and express their wellbeing and how this allows them to influence the research that concerns and affects them. The project, entitled “Children tell of their wellbeing – who listens? (TelLis)”, is part of the Academy of Finland’s Research Programme on the Health and Welfare of Children and Young People (SKIDI-KIDS), which will be implemented between 2010 and 2013.

By taking a holistic approach to children’s experiences, lives and worlds, the TelLis project aims to study children’s accounts of their wellbeing, how children are heard and how their wellbeing could be promoted by improving the narrative practices in their daily lives.

Children communicate verbally, but also through actions, photography and play, and also through experiences acquired by means of the story-telling method. Against this backdrop, the TelLis research project is concerned to study children’s subjective wellbeing, and how children report on their own wellbeing in their daily growth environments: at home, at school and in day care. The promotion of child participation will be a special challenge for the project in terms of research ethics, contents and methodology. The approach used in the project will contribute to child wellbeing and help adults understand children’s experiences of wellbeing and their perceived wellbeing.

The project is expected to produce research that will increase our knowledge of children’s perceived wellbeing. Particular attention will be paid to the significance of narrative processes. Narrative methods will be further developed and applied both to research on children and to practical tools for the home, schools, day care and decision-making.

The TelLis project is a consortium project (joint research project) between the University of Oulu and the University of Helsinki, where the participating research teams will work together to produce knowledge on child health and welfare and develop narrative processes. This will help improve a number of practical models for the promotion of child wellbeing. The project also has several international partners.

More information:
• Professor Leena Syrjälä, consortium leader, University of Oulu, tel. +358 (0)8 553 3687
• Eila Estola, docent, head of subproject, University of Oulu, tel. +358 (0)8 553 4211
• Liisa Karlsson, PhD, docent, head of subproject, University of Helsinki, tel. +358 (0)45 13 567 13
• Postdoctoral Researcher Anna-Maija Puroila, University of Oulu, tel. +358 (0)8 553 4215


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