Centre of Excellence Programme in Research 2012‒2017:

Applicants to second application stage selected

25 August 2010

The Board of the Academy of Finland has selected the research teams that will proceed to the second stage of the Centre of Excellence call. In all 36 research teams are asked to submit their full applications. These detailed applications shall be submitted to the Academy of Finland by 29 October 2010. The Academy Board will make decisions on the units to be selected to the Centre of Excellence programme 2012‒2017 in June 2011.

At the first stage of the two-stage call for funding, a total of 135 letters of intent were submitted to the Academy by the deadline 26 February 2010. The plans of intent were reviewed by international experts. The plans selected to go through to the second stage cover research fields of natural sciences, medicine, the humanities and social sciences, and biosciences.

Centres of Excellence in Research have been created for purposes of reforming scientific research and expertise. They involve research teams and consortia conducting research at the highest level. A Centre of Excellence is a creative and goal-oriented research environment that encourages cutting-edge research and provides support for academic research careers throughout the career trajectory. A Centre of Excellence has an effective management structure, a clear and challenging research vision, and can expect to be successful with its applications for international funding.

Besides the Academy of Finland, universities and research institutes, other funding bodies, foundations and companies will also contribute to contractual funding of Centres of Excellence.

There are currently two ongoing Finnish Programmes for Centres of Excellence (2006‒2011 and 2008‒2013), in which funding is provided to 41 Centres of Excellence.

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A list on the projects invited to the second application stage:


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