Academy of Finland October call soon to open ‒ specifications to call for applications

The Academy of Finland’s new online services will be launched and the October call will open on Monday, 4 October 2010.

The application deadline is Friday, 29 October 2010 at 16.15. In contrast to earlier practice, applicants can no longer supplement their applications after the deadline without first contacting the person named in the call for applications under ‘Further information’.

Redesigned funding instruments – effective research plan increasingly important

The Academy has revised its guidelines on how to draft a research plan. The research plan shall include a description of the mobility of researchers and the use of research infrastructures. Applicants shall also carefully describe the research environment (e.g. support to research team, site of research and its qualities as well as national and international support), as the international peers who will review the applications do not necessarily have an overall picture of the Finnish research environment. International reviewers also expect a comprehensive description of the methods and materials the applicants will be using.

Salary costs of principal investigators of Academy projects funded only in exceptional cases

The Academy does not normally grant funding to cover the salary costs of the principal investigator of a research project for a period exceeding 12 months, and even then only for very compelling reasons. If the Academy has granted such funding on the basis of an application, it will be indicated as a separate condition in the funding decision. However, the application may include the salary costs of the principal investigator in that funding contribution of the total project costs that is funded from other than Academy sources. In other words, it may be included in the self-financing proportion of the funding. If funding is applied for to cover the salary of the principal investigator, it must be clearly described and justified in the research plan (section 5, ‘Implementation’).

Funding contribution of site of research in applications drafted in accordance with full cost model

Before submitting their applications, applicants shall determine the funding contribution and the coefficients of the site of research and agree on these with the issuer of the commitment. The coefficients indicated in the application will be valid for the entire duration of the project. By submitting its commitment, the site of research commits itself to applying the agreed coefficients. 

Research posts as Postdoctoral Researcher and Academy Research Fellow

Researchers who have completed their doctorate no more than four years ago are eligible to apply for research grants for Postdoctoral Researchers. Likewise, researchers who have completed their doctorate 3‒9 years prior to the application deadline are eligible to apply for Academy Research Fellow funding. Within the same call, applicants can apply for only one of these funding opportunities. Applicants who have earned their doctoral degree before the date defined in the call for applications can be considered only for very special reasons, such as maternity, paternity or parental leave , or childcare leave of no longer than twelve months, military service or non-military service, or long-term illness. If these special reasons are confidential (e.g. concerning health), applicants are requested to contact the person named in the call for applications under ‘Further information’.

Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researchers who have received personal funding from the Academy and whose term will end on 31 December 2011 are eligible to submit an application in the October 2010 call for a research post as Academy Research Fellow.

ESRC cooperation in Academy projects

The cooperation between the Academy’s Research Council for Culture and Society and the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) referred to in the October call for applications will not be implemented (the ESRC’s notification of 16 Sep 2010). However, researchers who cooperate with British researchers can apply for funding for an Academy project and the British researchers within the project apply for funding from their own funding organisation.

Academy web pages supplement the call for applications

In October 2010, applications are also invited for funding for research infrastructures (FIRI2010). The memorandum that supplements the October call for applications is available on the Academy’s website. The Academy’s guidelines on how to draft a consortium application have also been revised. Applicants can submit only one application for funding for an Academy project, either as an independent application or as part of a consortium.

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