Academy funding to Finnish-Japanese research on living and housing

20 Sep 2010

The Academy of Finland and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) have agreed to reinforce Finnish-Japanese cooperation in research on living and housing. The Academy will grant a total of EUR 1 million to four research projects in this field. The JSPS will provide funding to the Japanese partners involved. The projects will be incorporated into the Academy’s new Research Programme on the Future of Living and Housing, which will be launched in 2011.

“Research carried out in Japan on living and housing is very interesting and of a high scientific quality. What’s more, Japanese researchers are interested in the same thematic research areas as Finnish researchers. Objects of mutual interest include housing requirements arising from an ageing population, development of sustainable energy solutions and traffic solutions,” Programme Manager Petteri Pietikäinen explains.

Academy funding to four research projects

Katsuyuki Haneda (Aalto University) receives EUR 240,000 for his project that will investigate the application of wireless communications and networks with a view to improving the quality of medical treatment and daily healthcare. The project aims to establish a scientific foundation for planning and testing wireless systems for medical and healthcare needs. The research is expected to generate results that will promote the wellbeing of an ageing population.
In her project, Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University) will carry out comparative studies on ecosocially sustainable environments both in Finland and Japan. The project will investigate what elements are essentially needed so that an ecologically sustainable urban community in Finland and Japan could also be socially sustainable and qualitatively of a high standard, i.e. an environment that supports people’s quality of life, everyday life and wellbeing. The aim is to combine the perspectives of individual and social wellbeing in the living environment with discussions on the conditions of ecologically sustainable community structures. Academy funding to the project comes to EUR 240,000.

Juha Röning (University of Oulu) receives EUR 240,000 for his project that will develop interactive context-aware systems for energy-efficient living. The aim is to develop an interactive context-aware and sensor-based feedback and control system with a view to supporting energy-efficient housing. The system is expected to self-motivate inhabitants to be aware of their energy consumption habits and thereby to reduce their energy costs and emissions.

In her research, Liisa Tyrväinen (Finnish Forest Research Institute) will focus on the stress-reducing qualities of urban green areas and investigate cultural differences in the use of green settings in everyday living environments. The research results will be applicable in land use planning and urban green area management and are thereby expected to improve the quality of living environments. Academy funding to the project comes to EUR 240,000.

Further information:

  • Programme Manager Petteri Pietikäinen, Academy of Finland, tel. +358 400 362 808, petteri.pietikainen(at)
  • Science Adviser Aki Salo, Academy of Finland, tel. +358 9 7748 8244, aki.salo(at)

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