Stories about Science showcases the impact of Academy funding

25 May 2012

The impacts of the Academy of Finland’s long-term funding of leading-edge scientific research can be seen in the research careers of successful Finnish researchers and in the results of their research projects. Some of these success stories have now been compiled into a book published by the Academy, Stories about Science. This book of interviews with Finnish scientists tells the story of how research funded by the Academy makes an impact in different sectors of society.

The book is also dedicated to Professor Markku Mattila, who has retired from his post as President of the Academy of Finland. The work he has done for the Academy and for Finnish science and research has made a high impact indeed.

Stories about Science is a compilation of interviews with both early-career and more senior researchers, and is intended to introduce the very best of Finnish science and research and some of the most memorable moments and achievements of Finnish scientists working in different disciplines. The book showcases some of the success stories of Finnish science and presents the Academy’s role in them. As the interviews show, research can indeed contribute to improving health, technology, nature conservation and culture on a broad scale.

One of the showcased scientists is Academy Professor Ilkka Hanski, who explains the impacts of the research done at his Centre of Excellence in Metapopulation Research as follows: “The loss of biodiversity is not just a problem in and of itself, but it’s also a reliable indicator of other major changes, such as the consequences of continuing human population growth and the escalating exploitation of natural resources.”

Seppo Hentilä, Professor of Political History, in turn describes the modern role of researchers in popularising science: “Researchers are duty-bound to present their results in a way that can compete for the general public’s attention.” 

The interviews presented in the book have been published separately on the Academy of Finland’s Finnish-language popular science website The book is edited by Communications Specialist Leena Vähäkylä and is available in Finnish and English.

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More information on the book is available from Communications Specialist Leena Vähäkylä, tel. +358 9 7448 8327. For additional details on the impact of Academy funding, please contact Vice President for Research Riitta Mustonen, tel. +358 9 7748 8220. All Academy email addresses follow the format

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