Six international projects incorporated into FICCA


The Academy of Finland’s Research Programme on Climate Change (FICCA, 2011‒2014) has expanded to include international joint projects. Six Finnish-Chinese and Finnish-Russian research projects have been provided funding on the basis of the joint calls between the Academy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Russian Foundation for the Humanities (RFH). The Academy funds Finnish researchers within the joint projects with a total of EUR 3.1 million.

Three research projects are granted funding within the Academy-CAS call. Professor Timo Vesala (University of Helsinki) is researching biosphere-atmosphere interactions on the basis of available long-term field observations and process modelling. The project makes use of field data from Finnish and Chinese agriculture, lake and wetland measurement sites. Process modelling is used for investigating wetland methane production in particular. The research of Professor Martin Forsius (Finnish Environment Institute) is expected to produce new information on two key ecosystem services: carbon sequestration and water-based services (particularly nitrogen retention and water resources). The project will also assess the impact of both climate change and land-use change processes on ecosystem services on the regional level. Dr Anne-Mari Ventelä (Pyhäjärvi Institute) and Dr Leena Nurminen (University of Helsinki) are investigating the eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems. It is widely accepted that eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems is the most severe threat worldwide. Climate change causes changes in nutrient and hydrologic cycles and temperature, which may alter natural processes and become a severe threat to vital ecosystem services.

Within the Academy-CASS call, funding is granted to a research project investigating climate change and its impacts on the world economy. Research Professor Jyrki Luukkanen (University of Turku) is carrying out future analyses (global trend and scenario analyses) from the point of view of China and the European Union. The project makes use of modern statistical forecasting and foresight methods.

Two Finnish-Russian projects are funded within the Academy-RFH call. Professor Riitta Kosonen (Aalto University) will research the socioeconomic consequences of climate change in Russia. Her project aims at detecting the long-term socioeconomic impacts on Russian regions of different climatic types. The research approach involves studying the impacts of climate change in relation to various regional economic indicators and combining these results with long-term climate change scenarios. Dr Heikki Lehtonen (MTT Agrifood Research Finland) studies the adaptation of the food sector to climate change and the socioeconomic impacts of climate change in north-east Europe. The project will investigate the need for changes in farm management of livestock farms as part of adaptation and possible production expansion in Finland and north-west Russia. It will further assess the socioeconomic changes expected from changed production organisation on farms and in the food sector.

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