FiDiPro programme brings twelve new top researchers to Finland


The Academy of Finland Board has decided to fund twelve new FiDiPro Professors to be recruited by Finnish universities and research institutes. Within the FiDiPro call, now arranged for the second time, funding worth nine million euros was granted for the work of foreign top-tier researchers in Finland for a period of five years on average. In this round, FiDiPro funding went to the University of Helsinki, the University of Oulu, the Finnish Institute of Marine Research, the University of Tampere, Helsinki University of Technology, the University of Turku as well as the Universities of Joensuu and Kuopio for their joint research project.

The professorships to be funded cover a wide range of scientific disciplines including mathematics, linguistics, physics, biochemistry, forest sciences and marine research. Also computer science and history are represented among the funded projects. This is also the first time women researchers received FiDiPro funding; among the selected twelve FiDiPro Professors are two women.

Strong interest continues

The funding programme, launched in 2006, attracted great interest also in the second application round. A total of 53 letters of interest were submitted within the October call; of these the Academy Board decided in December to request full applications from 28 projects, among these also joint projects of two universities.

The Finland Distinguished Professor Programme (FiDiPro) is a joint funding programme of the Academy of Finland and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Within the framework of the programme foreign or expatriate Finnish top researchers can work in Finland for a fixed period. The FiDiPro programme is aimed at achieving long-term international collaboration to strengthen Finnish scientific and technological knowledge and know-how. The universities and research institutes that were granted FiDiPro funding can recruit internationally esteemed experts who otherwise would be difficult to recruit to Finland for a longer period.

In all 28 FiDiPro Professors are presently working in Finland. The new FiDiPro Professors who now received a positive funding decision are expected to start their work in Finland at the beginning of 2009 at the earliest.

List of FiDiPro Professors and research projects funded by the Academy of Finland

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