Anne Kovalainen

1.1.2010 -31.12.2014
Turku School of Economics
social sciences and economics

Appointed to the Minna Canth professorship in the field of women’s studies for 2010–2014, Professor Anne Kovalainen is based at the Turku School of Economics. Her research is concerned with presumed equality and the Finnish economy from a gender perspective within the context of global economy. The project is interdisciplinary, but the focus is in the areas of social sciences and economics.

Professor Kovalainen’s main interests lie in gendered structures and processes, which she addresses through three broad fields of study: senior management of major corporations, recruitment practices and the role of gender at work in different companies and organizations, and new small businesses in public service industries.
Professor Kovalainen’s research on the links between global economy and the significance of gender is a topic of considerable current interest. In her work she also incorporates empirical data on global business and local companies. This approach offers a new analytical perspective on the Nordic welfare society.

Professor Kovalainen’s research will contribute to a more in-depth analysis of economic institutions and at the same time help to further develop the theory of gender. It follows up on her earlier sustained research efforts in which she highlights the significance of gender in the economy – an area characterized by strict gender neutrality.

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