Nanoscience research programme, FinNano (2006-2010)

The Research Programme on Nanoscience (FinNano) places emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach in nanoscience research. The programme combines nanoscale research in chemistry, physics and biosciences and supports the overall development of the field in Finland. The thematic areas cover themes where support to basic research can generate considerable potential in terms of innovative basic research knowledge, sustainable development and industrial competitiveness. The basis of the programme's projects is scientifically excellent cooperation projects including projects from at least two disciplines, including engineering research.
The objectives are:

  • to support high-level basic research on nanoscience as part of the innovation environment;
  • to activate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach in the field;
  • to develop research environments and researcher training in the field;
  • to create concrete added value for research teams participating in the programme in terms of networking, international visibility and exploitation of research results;
  • to advance responsible development of nanotechnology – the research programme will take into account ethical challenges, i.e. safety, health and environment related issues;
  • to advance European and other international activity and mobility in the field.

FinNano research programme consists of 10 Finnish consortium projects that have been funded for 2006-2010. In addition, under FinNano umbrella there are five projects, Finnish-European and Finnish-Russian, that are funded in co-operation with international partners. Total volume of the Finnish projects and Finnish partners of these projects is 9.45 million euros.

Research projects
The Academy's FinNano research programme will be carried out in close cooperation with the FinNano technology programme (Tekes website) funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The programmes have joint planning and other activities, such as seminars and information material.

The Academy is also participating in the ERA-NET and ERA-NET Plus projects NanoSci-ERA/NanoSci-E+ funded through the EU Research Framework Programmes More information about NanoSci-ERA and NanoSci-E+ can be found on

This research programme was coordinated by Anssi Mälkki.

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